Who Are Smart Work Traders?

” Smart Work Traders,” we are dealers for manufacturing export and import items, especially industrial safety working wears, general cleaning pro wares, and general made-ups wares of textile, leather/split leather, and ploy plastic material, situated in the Manchester’s textile city Faisalabad, Pakistan.

We are being done the trading business of industrial safety working wears, general cleaning pro wares, and general made-ups products to the neighboring countries and middle east region countries by well- balanced, experienced chief executive officers, well-skilled management team and great, healthy workforce labors.

We have our manufacturing units, mender’s units, and warehouses in all major cities, Faisalabad, Lahore, Sialkot, Karachi of country Pakistan, abroad warehouses in neighbor countries, middle east region countries and reach to have place distribution centers in the USA, UK, and Europe.

We do exports and imports of product wares, primarily poly-plastic safety wares like coveralls, dungarees, goggles, helmets, indicating safety wears, road safety headless, parking indicators wares, etc.

We do export and importing product wares mainly split leather safety work wears e.g., in leather/ split leather like all sizes driving, sports wares, cycling-deriving- gardening -working-welding gloves,

like working safety wears, heads covering- necks covering – arms coverings-knees covering- feet covering- safety working shoes, jackets, aprons, etc.

We do export and import safety product wares to Saudi Arabia, DUBAI, KUWAIT, BAHRAIN, IRAQ, U. A. E, KAZAKHSTAN UZBEKISTAN, IRAN, INDIA, SRI LANKA, OMAN, USA Europe and the UK.

What We Want

  • Maintain and build up long-lasting business relations with the parties
  • Maintain and consistent win-win profit positions between buyer and seller
  • Maintain consistency between trustworthy demand and supply chain for parties
  • Keep up 100% most accessible service approach for business
  • Maintain prompt response on business alerts